Week 15 – Art Activity – Designed Thinking Applied to Life


  1.  Right now, I am currently striving to become a nurse.  It’s known to be a very competitive major causing my confidence level to be 75%, however, this continues to motivate me in every way.  I think the genuine care for others that this job entails is very rewarding and satisfying.  Ever since I was younger, I thought this job would be perfect for me because I love science and helping others.
  2. If nursing disappeared, I would become a public servant.  This goes along with my fond of helping others.  Furthermore, this requires genuine empathy to the people around you to be able to help them in the best way possible and understand them. My resource would 50% because the job itself does not make much and becoming one would also require a bit of wealth to actually make a change in the community.
  3. If I were financially secure, I would become a blogger/ activist. I feel like at this time right now where there are so many things going on in our world, we need more activists that will show the truth of the pain and struggles of the people.  Doing this will create a better understanding for any partisanship in our community and hopefully will lead us closer together as a society.    My confidence level is 80% because I think people, in general, are more similar than they are different, therefore change is possible.

Rapid prototyping is definitely useful and efficient.  In this day and age, getting connected with people increases our opportunities and also helps us to become the best versions of ourselves.  Having experiences, conversations and ideas as a foundation for networking and creating connections put us in great positions to learn and experience more.  For instance,  if I really wanted to become an activist I would go to rallies and protests.  There I would many other people who has the same passion as I do and hopefully can work together to create bigger changes in the community.


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