Week 12 – Artist Conversation – Travis Lober

Exhibition: Work: It’s a Four Letter Word
Media: print
Gallery: CSULB School of Art, Merlino Gallery
Website: n/a

Travis Lober is in his last semester for his BFA in printmaking.  Before becoming an artist, he was a construction worker.  This experience inspired this exhibit which took almost three years to make.  Travis mentioned like any artists, his love for art started when he was little as he would always draw and paint.  Furthermore, his family was a huge factor to his interest in art as they were also artistic, especially his dad who has a BFA in fiber arts.

Travis’s process of creating this exhibit took almost three years to create.  He mentioned that each piece of the exhibit was created so differently and in great detail. Moreover, each different color of the print was created with a different printing block. His experience as a construction worker was definitely helpful in this process, as he uses his precision and attention to detail and process in art as well.  With that being said, his transition from a construction worker to an artist was easy and organic.

As a construction worker, he was attracted to types of tools used in trades.  He realized that these tools have its own life that performs its own unique function and purpose.  Furthermore, each print of these tools was special to him as each of them reminded him of a unique smell, vibrations and feel.  With that being said, this exhibit was created to express the aesthetics and the appreciation of tools.

As I walked through this exhibit, I was instantly interested in the tools since my dad is a very handy man who would always fix something around the house. I think this exhibit was very interesting and unique because of it an art about tools, which I think is very peculiar.  However, since the exhibit was so personalized, the tools in the print were more than what they were, actually represented the beauty and rapture of its performance.



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