Week 12 – Art Experience – Ethnography

While reading the instructions for the activity, I knew right away that this activity was going to be difficult.  I am always constantly using electricity. I mean, who doesn’t?!? So last night, when I actually did the activity, I realized that it was difficult. It was challenging because all of the things I do naturally were not possible or have become more difficult.  For instance,  studying using a candlelight was a challenge and very bad for your eyes.  Furthermore, I’m already blind as it is with light so with only candlelight, reading my notes were almost impossible to read.  However, I do think the experience was more liberating than it was frustrating.  Frustration expires after 10 minutes when you realize that the quietness and stillness of everything overwhelm this frustration.  I felt liberated because I was not distracted at all.  I just genuinely do what I need to do.  I think living without electricity creates a bond with the environment because you the time to appreciate it more instead of using your phones.  Living without electricity was definitely limiting in a way, however, it was not boring but actually stimulated people to become more creative so that they would never be bored.

*correction — quietness, not quitness



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