Week 11 – Classmate Conversation – Bernadette Ashley Villena & Lyle Adonis


Bernadette’s (aka Ashley) website: https://bernadetteavillena.wordpress.com

Lyle’s website: https://lylesbakery.wordpress.com

In this week’s classmate conversation, I met Bernadette and Lyle. I’ve actually Lyle before but it was first time meeting Bernadette.  As a group, we decided to draw about gun violence for our ID cards.  We added hashtags about the shootings in U.S, which represented the ongoing talk and conversations about gun violence but not actions from the government.

I actually have seen Bernadette, aka Ashley, before since she is taking the same Anatomy class as I am. However, we never got the chance to talks because she has a different lab class than me.  I learned that she is also a pre-nursing student like me.  She shared with me that she would like to be a pediatrics nurse.Furthermore, she is planning to take a semester off next fall since.  Ashley also works at Cafe 86 in Artesia, which I’ve been to before and loved their taro/ ube cupcake.  On her days off, Ashley likes to play tennis, go to the gym, and go hiking.

On the other hand, I also learned new things about Lyle, whom I met before. Lyle shared that he used to be an EMT.  He loved the experience and would love to do it again.  Furthermore, one of the craziest and most memorable experience he had as an EMT was when had to rush a man with a gunshot wound to the hospital.  Lyle remembered the experience vividly and inspires him more to help others.



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