Week 10 – Art Experience – Architecture and Urban Planning

In this new design, I decided to make the wedge more efficient rather than taking it out.  First,  I wanted to change the location of the bench.  Therefore, it will closer to the black architectural design and create more walking area for the wedge.  Furthermore,  I also left the white post in the design to save money and for support purposes for the roof.  However,  lateral to this white post, I decided to put concrete for foot traffic.   Moreover, move the plant box diagonal to concrete at the very end of the concrete floor.

Overall, this design would help with foot traffic because of the space it would provide.  However, there is still an awkward white post in the middle of the walkway, which I chose not remove due to its support purposes to the roof. Furthermore, the additional concrete will cause lots of money, however not as much if I take out the white post and rebuild the area.    Also, moving the plantation box will provide aesthetics to the walkway.

I think students will appreciate the design for the efforts it made to create a smoother and more efficient walkway for students.  However, it is not perfect.  Therefore, the design will also get some heat from some students and ask for a better design.


The final design, aerial view

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