WK 8 – Classmate Conversation – Kiara C. Lacambra & Kaylee Penaloza

Kaylee Penaloza’s website: https://kayleepenaloza20.wordpress.com

Kiara C. Lacambra’s website: https://itskaycierey.wordpress.com



In this week’s classmate conversation, I talked to Kiara and Kaylee.  I’ve known Kiara, aka KC, since my first year of college so I was already familiar with her. However, through this conversation, I learned more facts about her that I did not know before.  For instance, KC talked about her parents’ disapproval of her working while at school because they are afraid that she would not be able to focus on her studies.  This completely understandable since she’s a nursing student and that requires extensive studying and high grades.  Furthermore, I learned that she loves watching sports and enjoyed playing sports.  On the other hand,  this was my first time meeting Kaylee.  She is a psychology major and she is currently her second year of college. Right now she is taking her statistics class and finds it somewhat challenging.  Furthermore, I also learned that she plays softball and she likes to draw and watch movies on her free time.  She is anticipating the release of Emma Watson’s Beauty and the Beast, a movie I also would like to watch!



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