WK 7 – Classmate Conversation – Lyle Adonis


Lyle’s website: https://lylesbakery.wordpress.com

This week I had a classmate conversation with Lyle.  He is actually not a new face. He was in my theater class a few semesters ago however, I never talked to him until this week. With that being said, he was a stranger with just a familiar face. From our conversation, I learned that he has cats and favors cats over dogs. He has cats for almost 7 years. One of the things he admired about cats is that they are what sometimes what he wants to be like. For instance, cats are very easy going and chill. In fact, one if the things that he liked the most is that they sleep a lot. He said that he would live to be able to sleep for a time and as long as he wants. On the other hand, we have some kind of similarity in our majors. Lyle is a Biology major while I am a premiering major so we both shared our academical struggles and future. 


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