WK 2 – Classmate Conversation – Milon Aldama

In this week’s classmate conversation,  Professor Glenn asked the students to talk to a classmate across the room.  My jaw just dropped because as a shy person I struggle with starting conversations and now, I have to walk over to across a room to start a conversation rather than just talking to the person next to me.  Although many would argue that there isn’t much difference, I completely disagree because of the effort to walk over and find someone to talk to is much more personal and direct, creating anxiety and uncertainty for people, like me.

As I try to walk over across the room, Milon was by himself so I thought it would be a great idea to talk to him.  I definitely made a great choice, because with the short time we spent talking he was very kind and friendly.  From a short conversation,  I learned that we have a few similarities, for example, we are both sophomore college students,  part-time workers, and enjoy eating out, especially Korean BBQ.  Interestingly enough, we also both go to the same Korean BBQ in Cerritos called, Red Palace. As college students we don’t have a lot of money, so we agreed that they have great quality meat for a cheap price. He also mentioned his love for physical fitness and sociology.  The most fascinating thing I found out about him is that he is a lifeguard at the Rec Center. Well, this can be boring for some, but I suck at swimming and I have always had a fear of drowning, so I think it’s cool that he swims!

Overall, I am slowly starting to understand the purpose of classmate conversations. They are not an activity that amplifies students’ fear of uncertainty or acceptance — it is to show that we are more similar than we are different even to the people we do not know.  With that being said, in our world that contains so much division and hate, I realized that sometimes we exaggerate more on our differences and what divides us than our similarities that can eventually unite us.

Check out Milon’s website: https://milonsblog.wordpress.com


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Renette Tabadero & Milon Aldama



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