Plaster Casting Activity

I met up with a few classmates to do the plaster activity at the beach! We were quite excited and enthusiastic about the project since we were all at the beach and it was the first project for the class. From the videos, pictures, and instructions, we were prepared and had an idea on what to do. Once, we got to the beach, we immediately started digging a hole, creating the mold and preparing the plaster. However, we did not expect the plaster to dry so quickly!  We eventually failed the first attempt with the plaster as it dried inside the bucket.  With that being said, we learned from our mistakes and moved more quickly so we can pour it into the mold. While we were waiting for it dry, we decided to get some ice cream and enjoy the beach.  This was very satisfying and relaxing after a week of school.  Once it dried, we took out the mold but they weren’t exactly as we expected.  In other words, many of the fingers were broken off.  Although we didn’t have the best final products, we had an amazing time working on the project!


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